Who is this blog for?

If you are the least bit interested in being self-sufficient, this blog is for you.  Even if you’ve never done anything more self-sufficient than open a box of macaroni and cheese, we can help you get started. For the more experienced of our audience, we’re always experimenting with new projects.

This site is not for the squeamish or those who choose to believe that meat grows on Styrofoam plates at the meat factory behind the grocery store.  We raise livestock, hunt wildlife and catch fish.  If that’s something you can’t handle, just please find a different site better aligned with your belief structure.  We’ll all be happier.

What do you cover?

Our topics run the gamut from how-to’s to why to’s to philosophical ramblings on self-sufficiency and freedom. We’ll try to keep those posts to a minimum but we’re really REALLY passionate about the topic.

We believe in a three prong approach to self-sufficiency: grow your own, wild harvest, and emergency preparedness.  Expect many articles to be about one of those three topics.  We firmly believe that thrift is the best way to reach self-sufficiency, so frugality is also a major theme as well.

Who the hell are we to be writing how tos?

Besides years of fishing and hunting experience, Matt has been published in Backwoods Home Magazine (affiliate link). On the other hand, Mandi enjoys fishing but basically just chucks bait and hopes for the best. Her forte is canning, preserving and otherwise dabbling in all things homestead.  She too has been published in Backwoods Home Magazine (affiliate link).  Additionally, two of the Kemp Freehold ebooks on frugality have been in the top ten of their respective categories on the Amazon Kindle store.  We’ve got street cred.  Or is that dirt road cred?

Our Story: The Nutshell Verion

Our wedding invitation.  Note the wrong date, because we ended up having to reschedule AFTER we had printed all the invitations.  Stupid NASCAR race... grumble mutter.
Our wedding invitation. Note the wrong date, because we ended up having to reschedule AFTER we had printed all the invitations.
Stupid NASCAR race… grumble mutter.

Though we didn’t know each other at the time, we were growing up with interests that made us perfect for one another.  Mandi was obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie, and Matt ran the marshes at his grandmother’s house on the Wicomico river.

As one would expect, it was love at first sight We had always been planning to homestead since we married in 2008, but life rarely goes according to plan.  As the Yiddish proverb says, “Man plans; God laughs.”

We bought a house at Mandi’s insistence that it would be a “good investment” since we purchased it at a low price.  However, that was a pre-real estate bubble burst price. We put off selling, since the appraisal price had dropped so much.  Though it wasn’t where we had planned to live permanently, life goes on, and we added two sons to our family.

Unfortunately, through a series of unfortunate events, mainly that Mandi’s stubborn when it comes to principles, she ended up forced out of her job.  Since she was unable to find another teaching job, the house, now worth less than the amount owed, was placed in foreclosure, as the income from Matt’s tree business was not enough to pay the mortgage alone.

Fortunately, a family member had a vacant house in a small town we were able to move into.  While it’s not the homestead we have been longing for, we have started this blog to help us put down roots and share our knowledge with other people who live on small plots of land who want to become self-sufficient as possible.

We’re so glad you could be a part of our adventures.

-Matt and Mandi

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Self-sufficiency in Small Spaces